There are two things in life that we truly love here at, films and wine. Films are fascinating as they open up a whole new world to us. We’re able to see things beyond our wildest imagination while viewing different cultures and lifestyles. Then there’s wine, the perfect accompaniment to food, it’s great to savor a glass, while chatting with friends, wine transports us, offering tastes from across the world.

We thought that since these are two of our favorite things, we’d try and select flavorful wines that would be suitable to drink with certain films, so the next time you’re in a store like Marks and Spenser when you’re picking up wine, see if you can match it to the film you plan to watch that evening. Pairing Marks and Spenser wine with movies is great fun and will get you to think about the myriad flavors of the wines and their origins. Matching wine to movies is also a great opportunity to think about the themes in the film.

Enjoy our film-wine pairing tips…


A Fish Called Wanda

This 1988 comedy classic starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis tells the story of four very different people who get together in order to commit armed robbery, subsequently they try and double-cross each other for the loot. There’s also a goldfish that features heavily. With this in mind, we think a delicious white wine would be suitable, perhaps a Chardonnay or Rieslings, which go particularly well with fish.



This romantic drama starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is a consummate classic and a favorite film for most people. Its setting is the early days of WW2 and tells the story of an American ex-patriot living in Vichy controlled Morocco who meets his former lover. Wine and Champagne feature heavily in the film, in fact the movie opens with Rick polishing off a glass of bubbly, so here we’ll take his lead & drink champagne while viewing. Veuve Cliquot is the drink suggested to Major Strasser by Captain Renault, so perhaps you can pick up a bottle of this charming wine, but it may get a trifle expensive trying to find a vintage from 1926!



Martin Scorsese’s legendary mob film starring Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta brings to mind one drink…a rich, full bodied Italian red. We’d suggest something like a Barolo perhaps. There are numerous scenes in the film involving great food and wine, they are integral parts of Italian culture that are represented throughout the film.