By Marleen M. Quint
c. October, 2010

October celebrates breast cancer awareness
And people are programmed to think
That somehow the cure for breast cancer
Is tied to the color pink

Too few are privileged to hear
Through all the glitz and glam
About the AstraZeneca brainchild
I now call, “The Breast Cancer Scam”

It began the month of October, 1985
Breast cancer drugs were for the selling
And the promise of greater profits
Was a temptation all too compelling

“More mammograms and the sale of our drugs
Will surely cure more cancers
October shall bring awareness to all
And reassure we have found the answers”

But mammograms risk radiation cancers
Radiation used in treatment too
Cancer drugs have serious health risks
A fact acknowledged by few

I anxiously ran to my computer
To research as much as I could
I discovered Zeneca Agrochemicals
Suddenly “pink” wasn’t looking so good

At one time part of AstraZeneca
And generating billions on the side
Zeneca Agrochemicals sold carcinogens
With a sense of propriety, promise, and pride

An awareness was beginning to unfold
In my brain was a germinating seed
Causing a disease and then treating it
Was the full circle of profit and greed

Since this knowledge I’m even angrier
And many ask me, “Why?”
I ask them why they are not
When they know we continue to die

I think awareness has been accomplished
Knowing the problem has taken its course
How about, “Breast Cancer Truth Month”
And stop beating this decaying dead horse?


Pink Ribbons, Inc.
A documentary on the mass marketing of breast cancer.
U.S. public release in 2012. Please view both film clip & trailer